You can wear fluffy cat ears when you grow up

At Fe-line Women I am always looking for ways to to do things bigger and better. So when I heard about The Blogcademy, a two day blogging conference with Gala Darling of, Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride and Shauna Haider of NubbyTwiglet I jumped at the chance. I liked that The Blogcademy was small, only 30 students on each two day workshop, and that it was lead by three female bloggers at the top of their game. So off me and the cat went to the big smoke to learn our craft!

As soon as I saw Gala, Kat and Shauna (The Headmistresses)I knew they were Fe-line and not only that the other 29 female students in the room were also incredibly Fe-line. For the first time in a million years I was amongst people who just got me, got it, got blogging! I am not going to go into what I learnt at The Blogcademy, other than that it was the most useful, interesting and inspiring schooling I have ever had.  There are already other blogs out there that go into more detail about the two days, The Blogcademy blog is pretty good at doing that job (funny that).

For me what was really important was finding a group of women, headmistresses and pupils that are so ambitious and courageous it’s almost unreal. After a year of running Fe-line Women and coming up against some negativity about what I am doing it was like swimming in a sea of positivity. It was also refreshing for me to find three amazing female role models, if you don’t have any, you might want to have one of these. Gala, Shauna and Kat welcome to the girl wall!

Gala Darling

Writer, beauty editor for and founder of 


Dedication to pink

If you are feeling a little bit down and blue then you need to get a little bit of Gala Darling in your life, this woman has glitter flowing through her veins. I am so inspired by her Radical Self Love project and I could not agree with her more that all women should love themselves, right on!! She is an amazing teacher and I got so much out of her workshops. I also have up most respect for her dedication to pink, glitter and eye liner flicks!

Shauna Haider

Graphic Designer and Founder of 

A classy lady in rabbit ears

Having studied marketing and worked on branding projects it was so refreshing to meet a woman working with big brands and doing their design. Shauna designed the slick and streamline brand for The Blogcademy and her workshop on how to create a brand from scratch made me want to hug her because it was just TOO good! The Blogcademy brand just oozes class and sophistication and in fact so does Shauna. I spoke to her personally about the branding of Fe-line and she was so warm and approachable, it kind of made my day.

Kat Williams

Founder of and Editor-in-Chief of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine 


Me and The Rock n Roll Bride

Kat really is a groundbreaker and as the only UK headmistress it was good to see that you can be a successful blogger on this side of the pond. She works on her blog full time with her husband Gareth. She has got to the point where she can make her blog a full time job because she is incredibly hard working, innovative and saw a gap in the market and ran as fast as she could with it. She described how writing her blog allowed her to become the The Rock N Roll Bride, the pink hair, cat ears and sparkly accessories. What was lovely about Kat was her excitement and enthusiasm; it was extremely contagious. If there is ever an advert advocating doing what you love, she should be the cover girl.

I think like Kat, Fe-line Women has helped me to become a more flamboyant version of myself and The Blogcademy has helped me to remember some things that maybe I lost in my early twenties: you can dream big, you can wear cat ears when you’re 29 and that sparkles and glitter are important!

I leave you with a lovely moment I experienced at the bus stop in London waiting to get to The Blogcademy. I had my cat ears on and this little girl walked past me and she had a big fluffy hat with cat ears. She looked at me and then at my ears with a look of pure joy, that said “Yes, you can wear fluffy ears when you are a grown up” and I looked at her with a look that said: “Please keep wearing fluffy ears when you are a grown up.”



Fe-line Woman


5 thoughts on “You can wear fluffy cat ears when you grow up

  1. Hi Joanna

    As a fellow attendee at The Blogcademy this week I have just read your whole article shouting inside ‘me too, me too!’. I agree with everything you have written. It was a truly fabulous event and I like you, have gained so much from it and know now, more than ever, that getting my blog up and running is going to be the best thing I have ever done. Plus wearing cats ears, bunny ears and sparkles is definitely something I will still be doing when I am eighty! Lovely to meet you and I will be following Fe-Line with much interest
    Love and glitters. Anita x

    • Thank you Anita, it was lovely to me you and glad you liked the post! Good luck with your blogging!


    • Thank you Silvia, always means a lot to get a positive comment from you! It was possibly the best thing I have ever done :) x

  2. Hey Crazy cat…..

    I loved this… and feel like I was there! ( OK well sort of anyways!)

    What I especially LOVED is this: “Yes, you can wear fluffy ears when you are a grown up”

    Who says you have to act like a grown up when you are a grown up… I think its good to remember to be childish and have fun… and also most important.. always do what you love the most….

    Love you… meow xxxxx

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