Interior Wallpaper fever

See, explore and track the trends. Is no surprise that the imm cologne as a design barometer of the year: exhibitors will present creative and innovative housing concepts, media and trendsetters set out to search for the hottest new products. Showtime-also for the current wallpaper collections of the German manufacturer.

This year we wanted to show me how to create wallpapers a distinctive character in your own four walls. The basis for the unusual and colorful staging an operation carried out on our behalf study that had spawned four wallpaper types. Following the motto “Show me your wallpaper and I’ll tell you who you are” we let the four types move into a specially-designed for the imm cologne wallpapers house. In the kitchen, the Cavalier ventured a bold experiment and moved further ado wall, ceiling, floor, tables and chairs with a wallpaper mosaic in Delft blue. No less striking was the wallpapered in gold living room, where the prestige conscious had opulent and glamorous furnishings. The pragmatist, the meticulous planner among the four types of wallpaper, made with a strip of wallpaper in a trendy purple in the bedroom comfortable. And in the bathroom of the wild creatives attracted huge goldfish everyone’s attention.
On the opening of the fair, we were overwhelmed by the popularity of the media adore: Several camera crews from different transmitters and broadcast formats revolved features in our house wallpapers and voted the wallpaper for absolute interior trend 2014. But how would bloggers take our new wallpapers house? The tension was high, as the participants of the BLOGST Lounge also visited our stand at her tour of the fair. The guild of furnishing Blogger valid yes commonly known as curious, but also as a sophisticated and looks-virtually as in real life-always very much that is new and trendy. The fact that more than 20 bloggers and bloggers in our house wallpaper then pulled out their cell phone cameras so enthusiastic and it losschossen-so we would really not expect this! But we had “only” Ikea chairs and lampshades covered with wallpaper and old cutlery polished from the dump and hung from the ceiling!

For the little ones the best! Children’s dreams come true – with current trends and interior wallpaper collections

Room to play and room for imagination, a cozy retreat perfectly suited to its small inhabitants – a children’s high demands are made. Wallpapers are ideal to create individual sites for the small people. In the twinkling of an eye from a white room a princess paradise, a dinosaur cave an exciting knight’s castle or a cool youth room. The variety of designs, colors and textures is guaranteed with the new collections of the German manufacturers – so is the matching wallpaper for every age and style it.
Princesses and knights for the kids, teddy bears and soft pastel for the little ones-the classics of children’s room wallpaper is current as ever. The new collection “Lovely” by Erismann example, enthusiastic child-friendly ice cream with delicate tones and fire-breathing dragon. The wide variety of trims, polka dots, universities and stripes in bright colors makes great combinations.

On the occasion of World Children’s Day on 20 September, the designer Harald Glööckler, otherwise glamorous designs for adults specializing in cooperation with the marburg wallcoverings collection ” CHILDRENS PARADISE ” launched. She wants to take the viewer in a sheltered, carefree and happy childhood. Froschkönige, cats and small birds inhabit the walls and magic in combination with heart, delicate arabesques, crowns and tittle in great colors a paradise for children.