12 months of motherhood


Dear Fe-liners, over the last 12 months I have been writing a lot about becoming a Mum for the first time, how I felt when he was born, how it has changed my relationship with my own Mumhow I felt at 6 months, how it has changed me as a person, how I feel about mother shaming. So last week, little Frank celebrated his first birthday, so how do I feel one year on?

I have written a lot less about motherhood in the last 6 months compared to the first 6 months, this is because in many ways it has just become life, it doesn’t feel new any more, I am a Mum. Also in the last 6 months it has been harder to find the time to write, once Frankie started moving, there haven’t been so many quiet moments to sit and write. I have also got a little addicted to The Good Wife and sometimes I am so tired after a day of chasing a one year that an episode of The Good Wife is about all I can manage.

The last 6 months have definitely been physically harder, but in many ways I have found it so much more rewarding. It has been amazing to watch Frank grow from baby to boy. He can walk now, he can communicate with me and he responds and understands to what I say. His personality is so strong, he likes to make people laugh, he plays to an audience and he strops like a diva.

Personally for myself, I am in a really good place, I have a nice balance between work, looking after Frankie and seeing my friends. Finding good child care has been one of the most important things for me. Frank is looked after his Nanna three days a week. I am really lucky to have this arrangement, his Nanna loves him in the same way I do and I feel like I can work without having to worry as I know that he is in the best hands. He is building a really strong relationship with her, a relationship I think will be so important as he grows up.

The one massive thing that isn’t right with me at the moment, is my post baby body. It is a long way from the fit runner I once was and I am finding it hard to get it back to the way it was. Someone asked me why? It’s really because of a lack of time, less disposable income to spend on gym membership and also motivation, I feel like I have a massive mountain to climb. I think this might might be another blog, getting fit on a budget with little time to spare.

But back to motherhood, I have to say out of all my achievements, it is on the top of my list every time. Look at him, how could he not be?


Love and motherhood,


Catching Up

I recently had a birthday, Fe-liners, which brought with it the inevitable look back at how life has changed in the last 18 years. Ok, ok, 20 years. Fine, 25 years. 30 years. (32 years).

Those of you who, like me, are old enough will remember the days when there were only four TV channels (some of you will recall a time when there were even less than that) and if you were out the evening your favourite show aired, then you’d missed it and that was that.


With the introduction of the VCR, all that changed. Suddenly we could record our favourite shows so we wouldn’t have to miss them if we were out or if two of them aired at the same time. Not only that, but we could actually go out any buy films and watch them whenever we wanted. I was quite young when we got our old Betamax, but it seemed like a magical machine nonetheless.

Looking back on it now, of course, eighties technology seems incredibly rubbish compared with what we have today. For our younger readers, here’s Michael McIntyre to explain one of the less brilliant aspects of old school videos:

So back to my point (and I promise I have one, Fe-liners), here’s the thing that I love about modern technology. Since the arrival of on demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and catch up services such as iPlayer and 4od, missing your favourite show because you have somewhere you need to be that evening has just been taken out of the equation. You no longer have to wonder whether it’s ok to cancel on your mate for the third night running because Bake Off’s on – you can just watch it whenever you get home.

Being able to mould your telly schedule around your social life without spending a fortune on blank tapes or having to remember to set the VCR is fantastic, but you know what else I love? The ability to take a trip down memory lane.

When I was in my late teens, everybody was obsessed with Charmed. For anyone who doesn’t remember it, Charmed was a show about three sisters living in San Francisco who discover they are witches and go forth to vanquish demons for a whole eight series. It came out during the era of Girl Power when fascination with the occult was at an all-time high – Buffy the Vampire Slayer was already into its third series – and it became a massive hit. The Charmed Ones were stylish, sassy and, as if that wasn’t enough, the theme song was a cover of The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now”.

The problem that I had with Charmed was that, once it moved over to terrestrial TV, it aired on Channel 5 which our aerial refused point blank to pick up. Consequently, I was rather left out of the whole thing. Although I have caught the odd repeat in the intervening years, a few months ago I discovered that all eight seasons of Charmed were available on Netflix so, in honour of my 18 year old self, I settled down to watch it from the top.

The first thing I noticed was how dated it was – the clothes were dated, the shoes were dated, the technology was dated – but in a very familiar way. I remember wearing clothes like that, and I remember when tellies were large and mobile phones had a hinge. It was kind of nice to finally understand what we’d been emulating all those years ago. And the fact that I could do it at my leisure with a mere touch of a button just goes to show how far things have come.

Coffee and catch-ups,





PS Currently watching Orange is the New Black – loving it!