I love to laugh

Monday may well have been Blue Monday but Fe-line Women have a way for you to beat the January blues – ever heard of laughter yoga?

Next Tuesday (24th January) is our next Word of Mouth event, the theme for the evening is Laugh your way to better health. Annabel from the Oxford Laughter Club will be talking to us about why laughter is good for our health, how she got involved in laughter yoga and taking us through a taster laughter yoga session.

Laughter yoga sessions involve laughter exercises and deep breathing.  The exercises will be performed in a group under the direction of Annabel who will start the exercises and show the group what to do.  No special clothing or equipment is required.  Comfortable clothes that allow free movement are best.

Where will the laughing take place? The upstairs bar, Phoenix Picturehouse, 57 Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6AE
When will the laughing take place? 7:30pm on Tuesday 24th January
Price: £5 per person, just show up

Annabel and Laura from Oxford Laughter Club will be on BBC Radio Oxford on Tuesday 24th January at 11:30am talking about laughter yoga and what they will be doing at the Word of Mouth event. And if you can’t wait until Tuesday and you need some cheering up now, listen to this and I challenge you to keep a straight face!

Word of Mouth is a women-only event aimed at showcasing the stories and talents of Oxfordshire women. Women who are setting up their own businesses, changing their careers, doing wonderful hobbies or just generally breaking the mould. Word of Mouth takes place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of a month. Come along and listen to wonderful stories, ask questions, pick up tips, get inspiration and meet like-minded people.

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