Fe-line is alive

Last night Fe-line held its first event in Oxford. Word of Mouth kicked off what will be one of many female focused events from Fe-line.

Word of Mouth: Career variety is the spice of life

Word of Mouth is all about bringing women together to learn new things, get ideas, meet like-minded people and have fun! This was exactly what happened last night.

The evening kicked off with a short presentation about Fe-line’s mission from Founder and Director, Jo Woodcock.  She stressed the point that it was time for people to know about the amazing and interesting things that the women of Oxford are doing.

Following Jo onto the microphone was Candida Pierce who gave a funny, interesting and personal account of why career variety is the spice of life. Candida touched on many points that the audience could obviously relate to, including that dreaded Sunday night feeling that you get when you aren’t enjoying a job.

Candida presenting her talk: Career variety is the spice of life

Candida went through how she moved from lawyer to assistant television producer to entrepreneur with a captivated audience who went on the journey with her.  Candida’s talk encapsulated everything that Fe-line and Word of Mouth intends to be: a mouthpiece for women to share their stories.

It was great that so many women shared their own stories and ideas at the end of Candida’s talk, discussing ways of making your job work for you and the best ways to progress your career. It was also really good to see a wide range of ages in the room as this allowed a varied conversation.

The evening on the whole was a great success with positive feedback and people staying at the end to talk to new people that they had met. There was a wonderful atmosphere which wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing women who came along, Fe-line can’t wait to do it all again.

The next Word of Mouth event is the 24 January, the theme is Laugh your way to better health . We will be hearing from Annabel James who is one half of the Oxford Laughter Club. Annabel will tell us all about the health benefits of laughing, how she got involved in laughter yoga and take us through some laughter yoga exercises.

Laughter yoga is a combination of deep breathing, stretching and laughter exercises that cultivate child-like playfulness. No special clothing or equipment is required. Sign up for the event on the Fe-line Facebook page

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